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4 Ways to Battle Balm® your Cold & Flu This Season

2 min read

4 Ways to Battle Balm® your Cold & Flu This Season

How do you manage through cold & flu season? The temperatures start to change and many people's immune systems become vulnerable. Scientists still haven't quite figured out what triggers the season to affect so many people, but it is tied to the cooler weather of the fall and winter months.

Natural remedies are a great way to boost your immunity and help you fight off the symptoms associated with these nasty bacterial and viral infections. We will show you how Battle Balm® can help you stay healthier year-round!

Battle Balm® isn't just the pain reliever with knockout power, it's so much more!

1. Chest Rub - If you're as old as the hills, you'll remember rubbing the V-brand vapor rub on your chest before bedtime to help reduce cough and improve breathing. Battle Balm® contains the same active ingredients, menthol and camphor. The difference between us and the other guys? Ours is purely plant derived and is petroleum free!

2. Steam Inhaler - When you're sick, a stuffy nose isn't very pleasant! To loosen up mucus and phlegm, inhaling warm steam is great! Breathing over a boiling pot of water (without burning yourself) creates a nice bit of steam to break up clogged nasal passages. For greater effect, add about a 1/4 tsp of Battle Balm® to the boiling water. Once the Battle Balm® melts, breathe deeply and let the volatile oils penetrate your nasal passages!

3. Raw Nasal Orifices - Your skin hurts from blowing your nose too much. You're only trying to keep your nose from leaking all over your clothing and friends. If your nose is raw and painful, put a small dab of Battle Balm® on the reddened areas. (We do not recommend applying Battle Balm® if the area is bleeding.) Trust us, it will soothe the pain and help heal your skin. Plus, it will add additional layer of protection to make blowing your nose less irritating.

The above uses are for helping you get through your cold and flu, but what about preventing it? We've got something for that too!

4. Boosting immune system function - If you haven't met our Fierce Qi Ginseng & Cordyceps extract, here's your introduction.  Panax ginseng has been used as a health tonic in Chinese medicine, but there are scores of clinical findings that show antibacterial and antiviral effects1 as well as other immune system benefits from its consumption. Ginseng also "regulates each type of immune cells including macrophages, natural killer cells, dendritic cells, T cells, and B cells.2" Yep, you can bore yourself to sleep reading the studies. Let's just say that in most cases, ginseng strengthens your immune system function, not to mention the energy boost it provides to get you through your day!

Although you can use any one of our Battle Balm® versions, we recommend Original Strength as your preferred cold and flu buster! Knock out germs with Battle Balm and Fierce Qi

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