Discount For Active Military Personnel and Veterans!

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NOTE: We NOW have an even easier way to get your discount! If you are anywhere in the SHOP section of our website, the left menu column has the Military Discount link. It's that easy! Click through to verify your service and get your 15% discount!

The below information is no longer valid. 

We are proud to offer a 15% discount for active military personnel and military vets in the United States. 

With this discount, our military customers save 15% on ANYTHING and EVERYTHING in our store ALL YEAR LONG!

If you are/were military, all you have to do is fill your shopping cart with our goodies and then start the checkout process.

Once you are viewing your shopping cart, click the link at the bottom right of the page (see image for clarification):

A pop-up window will open. (If a pop-up window doesn't open, make sure your browser settings allow pop-up windows.)

In the pop-up window, you will be asked to enter your last name, birthday and branch to reveal your unique coupon code. Fill out the information and click VERIFY. Our military verification partner, GRUNTROLL, will check your info against the system.

Once approved, you will receive a coupon code to apply to your order. Copy this coupon code and apply it to your order at checkout! It's that easy! (It takes longer to type out the instructions than it does to follow them!)

This discount is currently limited to U.S. Active Duty military personnel and retired military.

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