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How to Find Knee Pain Relief without Medication

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It was supposed to be the perfect outing. You were gearing up for a family play day at the beach and an evening hike. Then it happens—knee pain strikes and instantly stops all of the fun. It hurts to walk, and you feel terrible for canceling your plans. Your day will be spent at home, alone and miserable. It can happen to anyone. The good news is that knee pain relief is closer than you think. What is better news, is that this type of knee pain relief typically doesn't require any costly surgeries, physical therapy, or ongoing prescription drug. Let's examine the underlying causes behind this crippling pain and learn how to treat it. Common Causes of Knee Pain Knee pain comes from a var...
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Bye Bye Fit Expo 2015!

Posted by Dylan Jawahir on

We just recovered from a weekend event in Los Angeles at the FitExpo where we got to share our Battle Balm topical analgesics with a wide variety of athletes and fitness enthusiasts. It was amazing! At this LA FitExpo 2015, we provided FREE massage demonstrations of Battle Balm using any one of our three version (Original, Extra, and Demon). Needless to say, our booth was packed from open to close. We also worked on a few vendors from other booths! This was an excellent platform for Battle Balm to expand outwards from the mixed martial arts (MMA) and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) core industries that comprise our roots. We understand that there are more pain sufferers that can benefit from ...
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