You found us!  You’re looking for an effective way to treat your injuries and maximize your sports training, right?

Well, you came to the right place.  We know pain.  We've been treating all kinds of pain (muscle, bone, nerve, psychosomatic) for years with ancient Chinese medicine.  And now, we bring some of that medicine to you!  Introducing Battle Balm®, the topical pain reliever specifically designed for contact sports.

Unlike the “other” balms out there, our Battle Balm® is specifically crafted for fighters, athletes, and people who push themselves to the limit.  We have taken herbal topical analgesics and pain relief to the next level.  With 20 organic and natural ingredients, we designed a powerful, effective, herbal trauma medicine.  Can any other dit da jow formula say this?  No.  Not even close.


Use Battle Balm® to:

        • Loosen up muscles during training

        • Reduce soreness after training

        • Treat bruises, contusions, and minor cuts

        • Lessen swelling and edema

        • Ease strains and sprains

        • Relieve arthritis and chronic joint pain

        • Provide anti-bacterial and anti-fungal protection from the typical gym germs

        • Facilitate the healing process quickly, naturally, and effectively!


Battle Balm® is hand-crafted using both ancient and modern techniques to extract the essence from the herbs that we use.  Martial artists have used medicinal herbs for centuries, but nothing quite like the formulation we have created in Battle Balm®.

We don’t create Battle Balm® in the lab.  We don’t use laboratory manufactured ingredients.  We use 100% natural and organic herbs.  Since herbal medicine provides a synergistic effect on the body due to utilization of many molecular compounds found in the plant, it works as nature intended it.  That’s it.  Battle Balm® contains no artificial ingredients, fillers, phthalates, paraffins, or parabens.

Want to compare us to the other guys?  Put us to the challenge.  Get a sample of Battle Balm® and use it the next time you want to reach for another topical analgesic/muscle rub.  Feel the difference.

You already have the will to train hard.  Now you need a tool to help you reach your training goals with as few injuries and setbacks as possible.  That’s where we come in.  If you’re looking for an effective, natural way to get the most out of your martial arts training and recovery program, look no further than Battle Balm®.

Battle Balm® is not just a topical analgesic and pain reliever.  It is your secret weapon for keeping your body in the game!

Order some today and get back to your training quicker, faster, and stronger!  Be prepared with Battle Balm®!