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Our Purpose

The Battle Balm® Mission Statement 

Battle Balm® was created with one purpose in mind...

"Deliver the best all-natural pain, injury and trauma herbals to the world"

Also near and dear to our hearts is the responsibility we, as a company, have to protect our planet's natural resources.  Battle Balm® depends on a symbiotic relationship between man and earth.  Our business would not survive without it. All of nature thrives with both yin and yang energy and we respect that balance of power. Instead of rewriting our original purpose, we added just a few more words.

"...while reducing our environmental impact and carbon footprint." 

Battle Balm is also striving to become a carbon neutral operation. We are currently working on a manufacturing process/warehouse structure that harnesses the earth's natural resources while at the same time neutralizes and minimizes our waste production.  

Our biggest battle is in saving our planet for future generations to enjoy.

We believe that the warriors of today have built upon the skills and traditions of the past. We also believe that herbal medicine evolved throughout history in much the same way. That evolution continues with Battle Balm®, a potent topical analgesic and muscle rub steeped in the martial tradition. We hope that you take pride in your art as much as we take pride in ours.  May the martial tradition continue to thrive.

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