Product Comparison

We put together a product comparison chart featuring Battle Balm® against some of the competition: Tiger Balm™, Namman Muay™, BioFreeze™, IcyHot™, BenGay™, and FlexAll™.  (See Chart Below)

The U.S. FDA approved 'active' ingredients in many of the topical analgesic products are limited to menthol and camphor, hence the desire to individually list them apart from the 'inactive' ingredients.  Even though clinical and empirical evidence throughout the rest of the world has shown these 'inactive' herbs to be safe and effective medicine, there are certain FDA requirements that must be met in order for plant-based medicine to be considered effective.  More lucrative forms of medicinal products have the financial momentum to turn the FDA wheels of approval, whereas natural herbal medicine generally does not yet have the monetary backing to support the clinical testing and research necessary for FDA approval.  Until herbal medicine gains a greater foothold in the United States with more FDA-approved studies and research, we must continue to mark our herbs as 'inactive', even though we (and other parts of the world) fully believe that our inactive ingredients contribute greatly to the effectiveness of Battle Balm®.

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As you can see, our product doesn't necessarily have the highest percentage of any one active ingredient.  We don't follow the "More burn = More effective" equation.  Unusually high amounts of menthol, camphor, cajeput, or methyl salicylate can actually do more harm than good.  Great products are a synergistic blend of beneficial ingredients that help you perform at your best and assist you in reaching your goals.  We wholeheartedly believe that Battle Balm® will help you get to that next level.  Go train!