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  • 5 min read

    Table of Contents



    If you are here, you probably spent a little too much time out in the sun recently. Your skin hurts, and you want sunburn relief fast. We will go over why Battle Balm should be your first choice for this type of burn.


    What is a Sunburn?

    A sunburn is a type of skin damage resulting from overexposure to ultraviolet radiation from the sun. Sunburns can also come from an artificial source, such as a tanning bed. It makes no difference where the ultraviolet rays or UV rays come from. These harmful rays will eventually make skin red, inflamed, and painful. Note that UV rays can be broken down into UVA and UVB(1), where UVB rays are more intense and produce the more harmful damage to skin and your DNA.


    What are the Symptoms of Sunburned Skin?

    Sunburns come in varying degrees. There are four degrees of severity, where a first-degree burn is superficial and the fourth-degree is the most severe. For the purpose of this article, we will be discussing mainly first degree burns and how Battle Balm helps heal mildly damaged skin. If your sunburn is more severe, please see your primary care physician or doctor immediately.

    First degree sunburns have mild symptoms and are typically limited to:

        • redness
        • pain or tenderness to the touch
        • warmth emanating from the affected area
        • dryness
        • itching
        • possible swelling

    If you have blistering, intense redness, moderate pain, swelling, and significant peeling, your skin has second-degree (or more) damage and we recommend you consult your medical professional.


    5 Reasons why Battle Balm is Perfect for Sunburned and Sun Damaged Skin

    1. Battle Balm provides fast acting pain relief for sunburn.

    First and foremost, Battle Balm is a topical analgesic. If your sunburn hurts, we know how to relieve the pain fast! And, if you care about your skin health, our 100% clean, natural & organic ingredients will put both your mind and body at ease. Just look at ingredients list!

    2. Your skin recognizes Battle Balm as friend, not foe.

    When your skin is damaged, the USDA-certified jojoba oil(2) in Battle Balm replaces the protective layer of sebum so effectively, your body will not know the difference. Our organic jojoba oil also helps to stimulate collagen synthesis in fibroblast cells for wound healing. That means your skin gets a much needed boost in epidermal cellular repair.

    3. Battle Balm contains vitamins, minerals, & antioxidants to repair skin.

    Battle Balm was originally created for combat athletes, where skin health is extremely important. We hand-selected ingredients with vitamin A, D, E, antioxidants, and minerals to boost the integrity of the skin and facilitate repair. The sun's UV damage to skin can be as bad or worse than getting punched in the face.

    4. Battle Balm retains the skin's ability to capture moisture from the air.

    So many "moisturizers" provide a layer to your skin that prevents water loss to the air. Not only does that add nothing to the powerful, natural protective qualities of the skin, those "moisturizers" take away from the skin's breathability. 

    Battle Balm keeps skin permeability intact and optimizes the skin's ability to capture and release moisture from the air as it would naturally! We all know that sun damage dries out skin and hydration is one of the keys for fast healing!

    5. Battle Balm is safe for sensitive skin.

    Our Battle Balm formula has an organic, non-comedogenic base of USDA-certified beeswax and jojoba oil. This means that Battle Balm won't clog pores. If you haven't already noticed, we use the highest quality ingredients to make sure that our products work for most types of skin!



    Sunburns hurt. Battle Balm knocks out the pain and gives your skin the chance to heal faster with less long term damage. Plus, the anti-inflammatory properties of Battle Balm will ease swelling and edema associated with your burn! With an origin in mixed martial arts and combat sports, Battle Balm is made to help repair damaged skin, no matter how it happens. We didn't even mention the antimicrobial properties of Battle Balm that will prevent skin infections during your healing process!

    We have always said that Battle Balm belongs in your medicine cabinet. With 20 additional uses on top of pain relief, Battle Balm can help you manage your activities of daily life safely, effectively, and naturally. 

    If you'd like to know which Battle Balm should be in your summer beach bag for treating sunburns, it's:


    Battle Balm Original Strength Personal Size Herbal All Natural Topical Pain Relief Cream 1.9 oz Open Tin - For arthritis, sprains, strains, bruises, & more!

    Battle Balm Original Strength


    Sunburn Frequently Asked Questions


     Below are some of the most commonly asked questions about skin damage from the sun. Drop us a line if you have other questions. We'd be happy to answer them!

    What other things can I do at home for sunburn relief?

    After getting burned, you may want to stay out of the sun for a few days, or cover your damaged skin before going outside. Drink plenty of water to help manage the dehydration. Keep skin cool. Leave skin blisters alone to do their job in healing. Avoid applying '-caine' products, such as benzocaine as they can irritate the skin further or cause a more serious reaction.

    Why should I use Battle Balm instead of a sunburn lotion?

    If your skin is damaged from the sun, you need to provide hydration control and nutrients to restore balance. Battle Balm has naturally occuring vitamins and minerals to restore cellular function quickly after applying to skin. Note that Battle Balm does have a heavier consistency than a typical sunburn lotion. This means that it will protect your skin longer and keep skin more hydrated between applications.

    Can I apply Battle Balm after recent sunburn and go outside in the sun again?

    We do not recommend that you expose your damaged skin to the sun until your skin heals. Battle Balm is not a sunscreen. It is a product to protect skin and help it heal from cellular damage.

    If you suggest Battle Balm Original Strength for sunburns, can I use Extra Strength or Demon Strength Battle Balm to heal faster?

    Our products are designed to excel in specific conditions. Battle Balm Original Strength is gentle enough for the skin damage that occurs with sunburns without overpowering the already weakened skin. It works in harmony with your skin for this condition. Although some may believe that our Original Strength Battle Balm is weak, it is the best product in our lineup for sunburns. We do not recommend any of the other Battle Balm versions for sunburn.

    How to prevent sunburns in the future?

    Limit sun exposure, especially between the hours of 10am and 4pm. Wear a sunblock or sunscreen with at least SPF of 30. Apply your sunblock at least 30 minutes before heading outside. Reapply sunblock every two hours or after swimming or sweating.(3)

    When should I see a doctor?

    You can generally treat a first-degree sunburn at home. You can also potentially treat a second-degree burn at home, but we suggest seeking professional guidance at this point. If you have a third-degree burn or worse, you must see your doctor as soon as possible.



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