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  • Introduction

    We've crafted Battle Balm® to be versatile. It can be used for a myriad of pain conditions and should be in everyone's medicine cabinet. It should be obvious, but we have to state it anyways, that if you've done serious damage to yourself such as breaking your arm, Battle Balm should not be your go to solution. You should probably go to see a doctor first!

    But after the bone is cast, set, or surgically repaired, Battle Balm should definitely be part of your pain management and healing plan. Yes, it is that good.

    We pride ourselves on being more than just pain relief. In fact, we've spent almost 2 years developing Battle Balm to handle pain plus other complications that can come with injury and trauma.

    The herbs in our hand-crafted formula are not just one-trick ponies. They are powerful plants with antimicrobial, adaptogenic, & nutritional properties. In addition to serious topical pain relief, here is a list of other ways to use Battle Balm to your advantage. Let us know how you use Battle Balm® and we can add it to our list!


    Open Sinuses - It's early in the morning and your nose hasn't quite cleared itself open. Grab some Battle Balm® and rub it on the tip of your nose or your upper lip. Hit the snooze button. You should wake up breathing a bit easier. If not, take the pillow off your head and try again. Now get to the gym.

    Warm Up The Body - Muscles are easier to get warm when they've got a little help. For you old guys with arthritis, or even you young whippersnappers with chronic injury, get the blood moving with Battle Balm®. Rub into joints and muscles and continue with your warmup routine. Battle Balm® helps warm muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints. It's also great to help ease morning pain due to arthritis and rheumatism.

    Protect skin - Your skin works best when it's intact. Apply Battle Balm® to skin and let it soak in for 30 minutes before you start training. It's like adding a layer of armor. Our balm will infuse into the skin, moisturize, and nourish it to give you additional resistance to damaged skin, abrasions, and cuts.


    Skin Abrasions - You get mat burns, skinned knuckles, nail gouges, and bite marks (hopefully only from your significant other) from your training. Battle Balm® has excellent ingredients to help protect and heal skin. Beeswax and jojoba also provides a thin layer of protection to skin just in case you are the type that doesn't stop training until you see blood. (Battle Balm® is not recommended for use on broken skin.)

    Muscle Strains - We know why you're trying to do more with your training. You want to be the best. And sometimes you push yourself just a little too hard. When your muscles scream with soreness, apply some Battle Balm® and a warm heat compress. It will help the muscle and tendon stretch reflexes to relax. The extra blood circulation will help you recover faster and get back to performing at 110%.

    Tendon Sprains - Injury is a part of training. You understand the need to push your body to the limits. But when your sparring partner slams your ankle into the mat, it can twist the wrong way and sprain. Sprains lead to swelling and bruising. If you need to get it checked out professionally, go for it. Then apply Battle Balm® two to three times a day to the affected area. Keep the injured body part elevated as much as possible. Alternate ice and heat if you like. Battle Balm® will help to reduce the swelling and circulate blood for a more complete healing effect.

    Contusions - The roundhouse kick you took to the back of the head reminds you of your ex-girlfriend's playful wrestling. Your bell has been rung, but luckily not cracked. It's a golf-ball sized bruise. After you've been checked out by a professional, rub some Battle Balm® on it. Try for two to three times a day. Apply warm heat along with Battle Balm® after 48-72 hours and watch that bruise disappear.

    Stress Fractures - Spending 4 hours a day punching a heavy bag never felt so good until today. Something didn't seem right, so you went to get an x-ray on your hand (or your acupuncturist did a tuning fork test). Stress fracture in the metacarpal bone of your middle finger. Doctor told you to rest and you've got way too much free time now. Apply Battle Balm® to the area. Massage it in between the knuckle spaces and deep into the injured hand three times daily. Keep hands elevated and as warm as possible from now until your next doctor's appointment.


    Scar Tissue Adhesions - Keloids and hypertrophic scars typically have some lumpiness to them. When collagen fibers don't lay down correctly during the healing process, these scars are weakly formed. Vigorously massage Battle Balm® into the scar tissue every other day will help to break up the adhesion and re-align the collagen fibers. The lumpiness (and possibly redness) should start to subside.

    Post-surgery Rehabilitation - You've just gotten out of surgery to repair an ACL. You've got a couple scars and your knee isn't quite up to par. Yet. Before and after your physical therapy sessions, massage Battle Balm® into the local area and surrounding muscles as part of your rehabilitation regimen. See the difference in recovery.

    Arthritis & Rheumatic Pain - You didn't really take care of your joints and muscles when you were younger. So now you've got some occasional arthritic pain that flares up when you least expect it. Being a little wiser in your old age, you think its time to start addressing those bum joints. Rub Battle Balm® into your affected joints before you warm up as well as after you train. To allow Battle Balm® to penetrate deeper, throw a heating pad on as well. Don't forget to rub some Battle Balm® on the muscles surrounding the painful joint as well. It will help to improve circulation and reduce muscle tension related pains.


    Headache - Your head is pounding. You can't remember if it's because you got slammed into the mat at the gym or work related stress. Whatever it is, you just want it gone. Take 5 minutes to do these techniques. Rub some Battle Balm® on your temples. Using your fingers, massage in a circular motion for 1-2 minutes. Next, take your fingertips and massage your head in the area just above your ears. Work the entire area for 2-3 minutes, feeling around for any knots or lumpy areas. Long, slow, focused breathing also helps to calm a headache, so give that a shot too. Now you can think more clearly. Go train.

    Sinus Congestion - You're coming down with something. It's either allergies or illness. Your stuffy nose is making you miserable. Rub some Battle Balm® on your mustache and go take a hot shower. Let the vapors open up your nasal passages and start to breathe again.

    Chest Congestion & Phlegm - Forget about the Vicks™Vaporub™ stuff. What you've got in your hand has higher quality ingredients and smells good enough to still let you sleep in the same bed as your partner. RubBattle Balm® onto your sternum and upper chest. Then rub your knuckles back and forth over your sternum until nice and red. This should help kickstart the thymus gland, a powerful immune system organ. Tapping the upper chest can also help loosen the phlegm and open the bronchial passages.

    Burns -Getting a burn hurts, whether it's from friction, fire, or contact with something steaming hot. To ease the skin irritation and pain, rub some Battle Balm® over the area soon after the injury. The herbal ingredients will reduce swelling and help heal that burn quickly and keep it safe from infection.

    Bug Bites - Insect bites can be itchy and irritating. Battle Balm® contains herbal compounds that help ward off insects as well as soothe the itching sensation and swelling associated with them. Apply a thin layer to skin before you go out into the wild blue yonder. If you've missed a spot, we're sure the bugs will let you know. When that happens, apply Battle Balm® directly over the bite. It should take about 30 minutes or so to dissipate the itch.

    Toenail Fungus - (Onychomychosis, tinea unguium) You're obviously not washing and drying your feet well enough. Or your shoes are harboring some pretty nasty yeasts and molds. Or you've got poor circulation in the toe. Or all three. Battle Balm® has antifungal, antibacterial, and antimicrobial ingredients. Take a shower. Dry your feet well and slather some Battle Balm® on the affected toe. Repeat twice daily.

    Athlete's Foot - (Hong Kong foot, tinea pedis) If you don't take care of athlete's foot ASAP, it can cause skin scaling and eventually cracking. Once that happens, it can be pretty painful. Wash feet and dry them thoroughly. Apply Battle Balm® on the affected feet. Repeat twice daily. If possible, go barefoot as much as possible until problem clears up.

    Cracked Heels - All that barefoot training toughens your feet. Your attitude is getting more calloused, and so is your skin. But, your feet can get so hard and dry around the heels that they literally start to crack and hurt. Damaged skin can get worse if untreated. It can also get infected. Apply Battle Balm® on the affected feet after your shower. Let theBattle Balm® absorb into your skin quickly, naturally, and prevent skin from any infections.

    Insect Repellent - When you go out into nature, it's not fun to have bugs eating you alive. Unless you're into that sort of thing. You can wear full body armor, spray pesticides on your body, or you can apply a thin layer of Battle Balm® onto your exposed skin. The choice is clear. The herbal ingredients in Battle Balm® have been used as a mild bug and insect repellent for hundreds of years. Naturally. Do you really want to take a chance with the other brands' potentially toxic products? Next time you grab some bug spray, compare their label to ours and see why Battle Balm® is the safer choice!


    If you've ever wondered why Battle Balm is better, it's because we do things differently. We don't know many other topical pain relief products that have this number of additional uses.

    Battle Balm should be in your medicine cabinet. Sure, Battle Balm treats pain. But, it treats a whole lot more than that! There's a reason Battle Balm is legendary. Battle Balm should be one of the reasons that you are, too!