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  • 2 min read

    Less is More

    At Battle Balm, we are always looking to minimize our impact on the environment. From eliminating box packaging to reusing packing materials, we do our best to reduce the amount of waste we produce.

    It's in the Details

    We aren't a big company. But, we know that small changes over time can add up! We care about every single part of our process! The image above is a great representation of how Battle Balm pays attention to the details. 

    Proof is in the Paint

    When both of the tins in the image are closed, you cannot tell the difference between them. They look exactly the same when assembled. The tin on the left was from our first production run. The tin on the right is our latest production. The most obvious difference is that the tin on the right is painted only on the lower half. The upper half of the tin is unpainted. This is a design modification that represents our commitment, however small, to the planet we inhabit.

    Why it Matters

    Less paint to complete manufacturing means less materials. Less materials equates to less waste, especially if these tins end up in the trash. If the tins do get recycled (which is a fantastic thing because these are steel tins), then less refining is necessary to recycle them into something new. This design modification benefits so many parts of the product lifecycle and it's just one small change!

    It's Also What You Don't See

    What else do you notice? Maybe it's what you don't notice. A lot of topical pain relief brands have a box that surrounds their product. It's called product packaging and it has a few functions. It also makes the item look more attractive when sitting on the shelf of your supermarket. We don't use product packaging other than the steel tin that contains the Battle Balm. Here's why.

    Once you get your item home and open the product packaging, you typically remove the product and toss the box into the trash, right? Well, even if the box is 100% recycled, it's still additional waste. And we aren't even discussing the resources it took to create the box in the first place!

    At Battle Balm, we have decided from the start to design a product with no additional waste. More eco-friendly. Less waste. Smaller carbon footprint. 

    Earth Day? No, Earth Everyday.

    We love Earth! Respect for the environment is in our DNA. Battle Balm continues to improve operations in an environmentally friendly way! It is extremely important that the things we do leave the smallest carbon footprint possible. If you consider choosing us as your natural and organic pain reliever of choice, you are also contributing to a cleaner, greener, planet! And we thank you! 

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