We've been treating all kinds of pain for years
with ancient Chinese medicine.
It's powerful, effective, and best of all, natural.

Reach your body's healing potential.

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Legendary Pain Relief


Use after exercise to reduce soreness Clear sinuses & relieve congestion
Ease strains & sprains Soothe burns
Lessen swelling & edema Stop itchy bug bites
Relieve arthritis & chronic joint pain Kill athlete's foot fungus
Treat bruises, contusions, & scrapes Use as a pre-workout to loosen up muscles
Provide anti-bacterial & anti-fungal protection See 20 great uses for Battle Balm®

100% Natural & Organic

Battle Balm® is completely sustainable. We value our relationship with nature and serve to protect our planet's resources. Hence, we source premium organic
and pesticide free plants for our carefully crafted formulations.

It is our purpose to bring you an effective, natural product line that you can trust.
Every time you support our brand, you are helping us towards
our goal of having a carbon-zero footprint by 2020.