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Battle Balm® Fierce Qi Natural Energy Supplement

A Caffeine-Free Herbal Supplement to Take Life Up a Level and Get Stuff Done!

Fierce Qi® is a proprietary blend of premium ginseng and cordyceps to give your body the boost it needs for optimal performance. These adaptogens are specifically formulated to kickstart and energize your metabolism so you can power through your day. Get fierce today!

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    Use Fierce Qi 2x or 3x a day to: 

    Build endurance & gain strength
    Improve stamina & boost recovery
    Maximize your body's metabolic processes
    Cut pounds to get down to your best weight

    Recommended Dosage

    <150lbs   2 Dropperfulls (40 Drops) 2 Times a Day (preferably before meals)
    150lbs - 200lbs 3 Dropperfulls (60 Drops) 2 Times a Day (preferably before breakfast and lunch) or 3 Times a Day (before meals)
    200lbs - 250lbs 3-4 Dropperfulls (60 - 80 Drops) 3 Times a Day (preferably before meals)

    The ancient Chinese described Qi as the energy of life. We all have Qi energy coursing through our veins. Qi gives us strength in our movements, nourishment for our muscles, and power for our activities. Now, you can bring your life force to a higher level! Be Fierce!