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  • Frequently asked questions & answers about legendary Battle Balm, the most effective 100% all-natural & organic topical pain relief cream in the world.



    These are the first few questions people ask to get familiar with the Battle Balm product line.



    Battle Balm is a full sensory experience! Here are answers to using the product on the body.



    This category has unique questions and answers that we have fielded more than once.



    The officially boring legalese about usage, warnings, and storage...unless you're into that thing!



    Battle Balm is the name of our signature 100% plant-based, all-natural & organic topical pain relief cream. Wow, that's a mouthful! It's also the name of our brand, which now carries other products related to all-natural plant-based performance products.

    Battle Balm is a topical balm. It works only when applied to the skin.

    There are 3 techniques that people have when using topicals:

    - Set & Forget - Apply Battle Balm to target area and let it work.

    - Rub it In - Massage Battle Balm into the target area to help circulate blood and improve penetration of the balm.

    - Hot/Cold - Apply Battle Balm to target area using either of the above two techniques and then apply a heating pad or ice pack.

    Battle Balm is primarily used for musculoskeletal soreness, pain, and/or injury.

    Due to the 20 hand-selected herbal ingredients, Battle Balm has some other uses that make it great to keep in your medicine cabinet! We even have a page for all the uses here.

    The short list of uses for Battle Balm are:

    - Open sinuses

    - Warmup muscles before exercise

    - Protect skin from infection on abrasions

    - After muscle strains

    - After tendon sprains

    - After bruises (or Contusions)

    - For stress fractures

    - On scar tissue adhesion

    - For post-surgical rehab

    - For arthritis and rheumatic pain

    - For cervicogenic headaches

    - After burns

    - For bug bites

    - For toenail fungus (onychomychosis, tinea unguium)

    - For athlete's foot (hong kong foot, tinea pedis)

    - For cracked heels

    - For insect repellant

    Battle Balm is a powerful, all natural pain relief cream designed with 20 select plant ingredients.

    This is the list (everything marked with * is USDA certified organic):

    beeswax*, jojoba oil*, menthol, camphor, cajeput*, wintergreen*, arnica*, calendula*, safflower*, field mint, notoginseng, sappan, corydalis, lavender, tea tree, angelica, myrrh, quince, frankincense, and burr.

    We also have in-depth information about our ingredients and why we have chosen them for our formula here.

    Yes! We use USDA certified arnica as one of the 20 hand-picked ingredients of Battle Balm. Arnica montana is a powerful pain relief herb that we see incredible value in. (See the question above for the full list of ingredients.)

    We invite you to compare Battle Balm to any arnica cream on the market today.

    Yes! Battle Balm does not contain any petroleum (also known as: petroleum jelly, petrolatum, white petrolatum, soft paraffin, or mineral oil).

    So, Battle Balm is NOT for everyone. Sure, it's great for most people, but there are certain groups that we don't recommend Battle Balm for. If you are: pregnant, breastfeeding, taking blood-thinning medication, have a heart condition, have a liver condition, or a child under the age of 18, we do not recommend you using Battle Balm.

    If you are allergic to aspirin, wintergreen, or plants in the ragweed family, use caution.

    If you are in doubt, or unsure about whether or not Battle Balm is right for you, consult with a physician.



    Yes! Battle Balm smells like a bouquet of 20 natural plants! The powerful compounds that are working to deliver pain relief also have a natural scent.

    We would say that it has an herbal mint scent, but your nose may differ!

    Some people have a high sensitivity to certain smells and can get triggered. From what we've found, many of these triggering smells are from man-made or synthetic fragrances.

    For Battle Balm, we do not add or remove any synthetic fragrances.

    We suggest that when you open the tin or stick of Battle Balm, that you apply it to a small area of your body and test it for sensitivity.

    The 3 different strengths of Battle Balm have different concentrations of the herbal ingredients, with the Demon Strength balm having the strongest scent.

    The heat from your skin activates the volatile herbal oils. So, the strongest scent will be as soon as you apply it to your skin.

    In any case, the balm penetrates the skin to do it's job and the scent will dissipate over the course of 30 minutes to an hour.

    It is impossible for us to remove the scent from Battle Balm.

    Being all-natural and organic, the scent of Battle Balm is linked to the product's effectiveness. Separating the two could result in nuclear fission or render the product inert.


    The two ingredients that form the base of Battle Balm are beeswax and jojoba oil, both of which are USDA certified organic.

    These two ingredients are considered non-comedogenic, or very unlikely to cause pore blockages (comedones), pimples, or breakouts.

    This makes Battle Balm an excellent choice of topical pain relief formula for those with sensitive skin!

    Yes. Battle Balm has been tested to be naturally antibacterial, antifungal, and therefore, antimicrobial per USP51 specifications as tested in an independent laboratory.

    Per USP51, Battle Balm kills these common microbes: staph (Staphylococcus Aureus), E. coli (Escherichia coli), Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Aspergillus brasiliensis, and candida (Candida albicans).

    We do not recommend applying Battle Balm to any open, bleeding wound. But, you can apply Battle Balm to closed wounds.

    Once the wound has scabbed over, applying Battle Balm will nourish the skin with vitamins, and protect it from infection to give the skin the best chance of healing properly.

    Yes! Battle Balm contains nutrients that support skin health and provide pain relief. Though, Battle Balm is not directly specified for oral cold sores (herpes simplex, HSV), you can apply a small amount to the target portion of your mouth to aid with the healing process.

    Do not apply Battle Balm to genitals.

    Yes. Battle Balm can bring relief to dry, flaking, peeling, weeping, or oozing psoriasis or eczema. Though the two conditions are not the same, Battle Balm can still nourish the damaged skin and provide antimicrobial protection for good hygiene and skin health.


    As ridiculous as this question sounds, there will probably be someone out there ready to try it.

    We do not recommend putting Battle Balm in the eyes or using it close to the eyes.

    There are some cases where you will want to apply a small amount on the tip of the nose or on the inside of the nostrils. For these cases, it's probably going to be fine. Usage of Battle Balm on the face is normal, but you just have to use more care and limit the amount you apply.

    If you feel irritation or burning around the eyes after applying Battle Balm to your facial region, wash face with soap and water and rinse eyes with water or a cleansing solution specifically made for eye irritation.


    Yes. You can apply Battle Balm to the ears. Do not get Battle Balm into the ear opening.

    Battle Balm sounds like the body, mind, and soul vibrating as one unified energy center.


    It may be surprising, but yes, you can put Battle Balm on your mouth. It's great for soothing cold sores on the lips! But, just use a little. It's Battle Balm, not lip balm.

    You can literally eat it. Heck, you can spread it on toast in the morning. It's pretty safe for skin, but we cannot guarantee your safety as this is not recommended. Better to be safe, than sorry!


    Most of the time, Battle Balm will wash completely out of your performance wear, cotton, or polyester clothing under normal use. Of course, if you slather your body and gear in Battle Balm, the product may take a few washes, some scrubbing, and maybe some exorcism to get completely out. Use regular laundry detergent and wash in warm or hot water with like colors, of course!

    We didn't design our product for use on animals. Plus, some pets may lick the product or accidentally ingest it. In that case, it could cause an unnecessary trip to the emergency vet!

    We know that Battle Balm is all-natural, but there are still ingredients that may not be safe for pets. Therefore, we recommend against using it on your animals!

    There is a potential for some users to be allergic to Battle Balm. Probably the most common one would be plant allergies.

    Battle Balm uses plants from the ragweed family of plants and others that are close to ragweed, namely safflower, arnica, and calendula.

    The next most common allergy would be from wintergreen or the mint family. Some users may be allergic to wintergreen, which has methyl salicylate, a cousin to aspirin. Those with aspirin allergies may want to consult with a doctor before using Battle Balm or avoid using Battle Balm altogether.

    In every case, test on a small area of skin for potential allergies or reactions. If a reaction occurs, discontinue use and wash affected area with soap and water. Consult with a primary care doctor when necessary.

    You can use Battle Balm almost anytime.

    We suggest that the best time to use Battle Balm would be on clean, dry skin, so after a shower would be a great time to apply it!

    When it comes to performance activities, you can use Battle Balm before, during, or after training! Use Battle Balm as a pre-workout warmup to get muscles ready for activity. Apply Battle Balm underneath your neoprene wraps to provide pain relief during your weightlifting sessions. Or put Battle Balm on your sore muscles after your training! It's very versatile, so you may as well keep some in your gym bag.

    Battle Balm penetrates skin quickly and easily. Certain situations can affect the rate of penetration and can cause serious skin irritation. We do not advise applying Battle Balm and exposing the treated portion of skin to direct sunlight for a significant amount of time. Nor do we advise applying Battle Balm before entering a hot tub or bath. Note that these are not all of the worst times to use Battle Balm, just the start of some critical thinking for you to explore!

    Battle Balm is truly natural. It is made entirely from plants! That being said, the crop yields change slightly from season to season. Why? Because nature is dynamic!

    We use the same ingredients every time, but slight variations in the raw materials do occur. It's only natural! We do our best to be consistent in our manufacturing process to keep tolerances tight. No matter what, you will always get the same high quality product every time.

    Over time, your Battle Balm may begin to separate and/or get grainy, gritty, lumpy, etc.

    Fear not! Since we do not use any binders or fillers, this is a natural separation of ingredients due to normal temperature fluctuations of the product in your environment.

    Your balm is still effective! Your balm will still punch pain in the face!

    The healthy fatty acids in your balm can mix nicely again just by reheating the balm, stirring it a few times, and then cooling it in your refrigerator. We suggest transferring your balm to another container to reheat and then pouring the warm, liquid balm back into the original container! Voila! It's as good as new!


    Battle Balm should be used for the temporary relief of minor aches and pains associated with:

    - Headaches

    - Muscular aches

    - Tendon or Ligament Sprain or Strain

    - Impact trauma or injury

    - Minor arthritis pain

    - Common cold

    - Menstrual cramps

    Battle Balm should be applied to skin only. Battle Balm should not be applied to bleeding wounds. There are certain instances where Battle Balm can be applied to weeping, oozing skin conditions.

    Apply Battle Balm to affected area no more than 3 times a day. Battle Balm can be rubbed or massaged into the skin.

    Battle Balm is not recommended for those with severe heart or liver conditions.

    Battle Balm is not recommended for pregnant and/or breastfeeding women.

    Battle Balm is not recommended for those allergic to aspirin, wintergreen, or plants in the ragweed family.

    Parental guidance and supervision is highly recommended for those under 18. Keep out of reach of children.

    Discontinue use if you experience skin reaction such as: skin reddening, blister, rash. If a skin reaction occurs, wash Battle Balm off of skin with soap and water. Seek medical help if condition worsens.

    Do not use Battle Balm for more than 7 days of pain unless directed by a doctor.

    Ask a doctor before use if you have liver or heart disease.

    Ask a doctor or pharmacist before use if you are taking blood thinners (i.e. warfarin).

    Product should be stored at room temperature between 60 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit (15-30 degrees Centigrade).

    For long term storage, store in closed container in a cool, dry location.

    These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products and statements are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.