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  • Battle Balm® Exclusive Interview with Jessica Zomcik, WMMA Pro Fighter

    3 min read

    Battle Balm®:  Hi Jessica! Thanks for taking the time out to talk to us today. First off, congratulations on winning your pro debut! You fought Summer Bradshaw in the inaugural Driven MMA One. We watched the fight and you executed a very nice arm bar for the win. We know you're a skilled grappler and your technical skills are obvious with every one of your fights. Let's get into your head a little bit!

    BB:  With this being your first pro fight, did you do anything different to train? Is there a different mindset when training for a pro fight vs. an amateur fight? How do you prepare?

    Jessica Zomcik: The main difference between Ohio amateur and professional fights is the obvious longer 5 minute rounds and that we are allowed to throw kicks, elbows and knees to the head. My camp and I have been slowly implementing pro rules over the last six months knowing that my pro debut was in the near future. 
    It was convenient fighting in Vegas my last two amateur fights because they have day before weigh ins and head kicks; these differing rules made for an easier transition into pro status. 
    The difference in my training was longer and more intense conditioning rounds and getting in two gym sessions a day, strength and cardio before work and technique after work.


    BB:  Was the Driven MMA ring and atmosphere different than the other venues you have fought in previously? If so, was it better, worse, or different?

    Jessica: To be honest it was the same as amateur fights. I've fought on big shows and on TV before, so it's just another day at the office.


    BB:  It was a first round arm bar win for you. Is that what you expected?

    Jessica: I don't expect anything, once I'm in there my training takes over and I just react to what's given to me.


    BB:  You exhibited excellent sportsmanship and even checked on Summer's arm after submitting her. That shows great character and class. Do you think that this type of attitude helps the sport?

    Jessica: Absolutely! It shows that we're not animals in a cage, it's a sport with skill and technique. My intent was not to break her arm. My intent was to make her tapout.


    BB:  Battle Balm® is a topical pain reliever specifically designed for fighters and contact sports. You've been using our product for some time now and have integrated it into your regimen. How did you use Battle Balm® in your training up to the fight? What do you like about Battle Balm®?

    Jessica: Battle Balm® kicks ass because it really helps me prepare for my battles in the cage! I use Battle Balm® daily for my warm ups-I take a little and rub it into my quads and hamstrings before my roadwork or Jiu jitsu classes. Battle Balm® also feels awesome on shoulders, biceps and forearms before boxing class. It really warms up my muscles and prevents injury. 
    With bruises, aches and pains I apply Battle Balm® immediately and reapply a few times throughout the day. It has quick healing powers-Battle Balm® kicks ass!


    BB:  Do you plan on staying in the bantamweight division at 135 lbs? Is this the best weight class for you right now?

    Jessica: Yea for sure, it gives me the best opportunity to be a world champion.


    BB: The year is young. You've got your first pro win. What's next for you?

    Jessica: Getting better everyday, I'm ready to get back in there.


    BB:  Before we go, we're opening up the floor. Is there anything else that you'd like to say?

    Jessica: First I would like to thank Battle Balm® for being an awesome sponsor and getting me to my fights as pain free as possible. I need to give a shout out to my gym Evolve MMA in Medina Ohio, my manager John Cook and the best striking coach in America Steve Traczyk, my teammates, family & fans. Zombie Nation is growing !!! Follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @JZtheZombie :)


    Jessica Zomcik Pro Debut Arm Bar

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