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Our Fierce Qi Ginseng Extract is Fighting for You!

March 09, 2015 2 min read

If you are an MMA fighter (or any other competitive athlete for that matter), then you know that the cold or flu can be costly. It can sap your strength and put a damper on your training. Catching the cold or flu can also cause you to completely miss your fight. And that could lead to missed opportunities for fortune and fame!

You want to perform at your best. But when you're cutting your diet and dropping fluids to make weight, your body becomes susceptible to illness. In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) terms, all of this 'cutting' reduces the qi and blood flow in your body so you are weaker than normal. It's a fact. You won't have as much energy to spare during this time and using your energy reserves on germ warfare could really take its toll on you!

Enter ginseng. Or the more awesome...Fierce Qi Ginseng. We've crafted a custom blend of premium quality ginseng to meet your needs. Our ginseng formula is a high quality herbal blend. Sure, you can buy cheap ginseng everywhere and anywhere. Except here at Battle Balm. Our products are top shelf stuff! Fierce Qi is the real deal. We are herbalists (not to mention martial artists, as well).

You already know that Fierce Qi can boost your metabolism, right? If you don't know and want to get technical, read here: Ginseng on Fat Metabolism or Ginseng on Energy Metabolism 

The Canadians did a study on ginseng, published in Canadian Medical Association Journal in 2005, that shows an increase in immune system response in those that use ginseng vs. those that didn't. Resistance to illness more than doubled in the users taking ginseng supplements!

Satisfy your inner nerd with the article excerpts here: Ginseng for Preventing Upper Respiratory Tract Infections or also found here on the NIH website 16247099.

Fierce Qi ginseng is like buying insurance for your body on fight night. Stay healthy with Fierce Qi Ginseng Extract