Our Full Size Tins Get a Full Size Makeover! Wow!

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Version 2 Battle Balm Tins

As our Battle Balm brand continues to bring the best of natural, plant-based pain relief to our satisfied customers, we continue to evolve our product line!

We are slowly rolling out the new full size tins to our wholesalers, distributors, and now to YOU! 

You will love the new design! We still use food-grade steel tins, but our labels are now painted on. We believe this will reduce extra production material and subsequently excess waste material from our manufacturing lines.

In addition, there is more security to our tins as each lid is machine stamped with our logos. 

The new tins:

1. Produce Less Waste

2. Seal Tighter

3. Are Harder to Counterfeit


We'd love to hear your thoughts. Let us know what you think!



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