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  • 3 min read

    It's here. The season is changing and gradually, the sunny days become less so. You're not getting outdoors as much and you are adding layers to your wardrobe to keep the chill away. You don't want to get sick, but more and more people around you are coughing and sniffling.

    If you don't want to succumb to illness, we've got some all natural tips & tricks to help you get through the cold & flu season. At Battle Balm, we believe that you can really boost your immune system function and fend off germs with a little extra help from our products!

    Our #1 Best Selling Cough, Cold & Flu Product

    Buy Battle Balm & Beat the Cold and Flu Season This Year!

    The first thing that probably crossed your mind is "How in the world is a topical pain reliever going to help me through the cold & flu?"

    We'll answer this question and give you some tips on how to battle sick season and win!

    1. Choose the right products. First off, your body's immune system is working hard to kill bacteria, fungus, and virus strains. Choose products that are healthy and natural. This allows your body to focus on germs, not on figuring out what foreign substances you're slathering on your skin or ingesting. With 100% all-natural and organic ingredients, Battle Balm is as clean as your decongestant, cough suppressant, and pain reliever can get.
    2. A Superior Cough Suppressant (Antitussive). Apply a thin layer just under the nose to help you increase cough reflex thresholds and stimulate cold receptors in the nasal passages. Our premium 100% organic menthol and 100% organic peppermint are the primary cough suppressants in our balm to help you cough less and breathe more.
    3. The Clearest Sinus Decongestant. If you're on the go, apply some balm to the inside of your nostrils. If you're at home, heat 2 cups of water on the stovetop, add a popcorn kernel size amount of Battle Balm to the hot water, and inhale the vapors. With organic peppermint, camphor, and tea tree oil in Battle Balm, you get triple the decongestant power of the other brands.
    4. The Best Chest Rub. All the intercostal muscles can get a lot of unwanted exercise during cold & flu season. When they revolt, it's like being punched in the chest on every inhalation. Battle Balm delivers natural pain relief exactly where you need it. Apply our natural vapor rub and get soothing relief, skincare, sinus decongestant, cough suppressant, and improved local circulation all at once.
    5. Sore Throat Relief. You don't need to eat Battle Balm for relief. Just apply it to the front of your neck around the larynx and you can feel it working immediately. To get more neck relief, see #6.
    6. Stiff Neck Relief. Again, coughing fits can overwork your muscles. When your neck turns painful, find relief by applying Battle Balm to these aching areas, wrap in a scarf, and enjoy fast-acting pain relief. Massage your SCM muscles to help open nasal passages, drain congestion and reduce coughing. 
    7. Heal Chapped Skin. - Is your nose raw from too many tissues? You can apply Battle Balm to chapped skin. It will relieve the pain and actually help the skin heal. With naturally occurring vitamin E, lipids, and fatty acids, healing starts immediately. Plus, you get a dose of pain relief to get you feeling better in no time!

    We understand pain relief. We also understand natural ways to improve your health and maximize your life. Battle Balm products are for superior pain relief and so much more! We make exceptional products for exceptional people. If you care about getting the most out of your life, we are here to help you thrive. 

    If you like valuable tips & tricks and want to stay up to date on our products, scroll to the bottom of the page & sign up for our newsletter!


    1 Response

    Sandra DeLair
    Sandra DeLair

    March 20, 2019

    When I wake up congested I apply battle balm extra strength to the inside of my nostrils and am able to breathe. I also apply it to my jaws and tight areas of my neck so that my mucous will drain. All recommended by my acupuncturist. It works. Often I am afraid I am getting sick and I come out of it.

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