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Battle Balm® For Equality Sticker (3-Pack)

We, at Battle Balm, believe that all people are equal. No matter how each one of us exists between birth and death, we are all human beings struggling to give purpose and value to our lives. This is the very nature of basic human rights.

When we see others as equals, we begin to orient ourselves in a way which creates mutually beneficial relationships.

Ignorance, whether by intention or by intelligence, disassociates us from each other. The intolerance, hatred, inequality, oppression, prejudice, racism, bigotry, and sexism in the world begins with ignorance and is driven by the fear that some other person or idea is different from oneself. 

We believe that in order to lift our species, we must educate ourselves to understand and tolerate the sometimes wildly varying perspectives of the entire population. Because it is these different perspectives that are so important for us to see 360 degrees around issues and problems that face humankind. 

This is our movement. This is our cause. Battle Balm is more than just a brand. We are a socially conscious company wanting to connect with people on a higher level.

We will continue to battle ignorance every day to unite humanity and evolve our species.

Join us. If you wish to share the movement, hashtag us: #BattleIgnorance #BattleForEquality #BattleForHumanRights

 (Proceeds from sales of these stickers will support charities helping groups being persecuted at the hands of others.)