Battle Balm® Stick Package (3-Pack)


Get all 3 strengths of Battle Balm and save!

Introducing the completely 100% all-natural topical pain reliever. No, not the BS marketing "all-natural" terminology that has lost most of its meaning nowadays. We really mean it. Battle Balm® is the premium 100% plant-based all-natural topical analgesic.

If you're an active human being, you need products in your life that improve recovery and performance without increasing your toxic load. Other topical product brands use unnecessarily dangerous ingredients to cut costs at the expense of your health and wellness. Battle Balm® is entirely different. 20 hand selected USDA-certified and wild-grown plants are stuffed into the most effective all-natural and organic pain reliever in the world. 

Our products are not for everyone. They're for people who want to be the greatest version of themselves using the best that the planet has to offer. If this is you, join the others who won't settle for anything less. 


The Battle Balm® Stick package is designed for you to manage all of your aches and pains. Battle everything from acute to chronic conditions and use for: sinus congestion, toenail fungus, pruritis, eczema, bug bites, and a whole lot more. Keep it in your medicine cabinet and share with the whole family!


Battle Balm Pain Relief Comparison Chart


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Battle Balm Pain Chart


Battle Balm® rapidly penetrates into the skin using some of the best natural transdermally permeable compounds found in nature. Battle Balm® neutralizes pain on site by blocking pain receptors, and supports tissue repair and recovery with naturally occurring lipids, fatty acids, and vitamins from the plant extracts. With two years of comprehensive development and rigorous testing on combat fighters, our non-greasy, thermally-indexed formulation has been literally battle-tested.


For pain from overuse, repetitive stress injury, muscle strains, muscle pulls, muscle spasms, tendonitis, ligament tears, bruises, hematomas, burns, abrasions, skin infection, urticaria, hives, bug bites, edema, etc. Great for neck pain, back pain, lumbago, arthritis, joint pain, rheumatism. Works exceptionally well with trigger point therapy, deep tissue massage, and any other injury rehabilitation and recovery program.

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Battle Balm® is fine for use under most performance clothing, compression wear, and sports equipment. Battle Balm® is environmentally friendly and needs no special detergents to wash completely out of both synthetic and natural materials. Battle Balm® should not stain fabric. Use clothing under normal conditions and wash regularly.


NO artificial colors, fragrances, or fillers. NO synthetic dyes. NO petroleum, paraben, methylparaben, or phthalate. NO propylene glycol (PG) and polyethylene glycol (PEG). NO sodium laurel sulfate (SLS) or sodium laurel ether sulfate (SLES). We don’t test on animals or small furry things that resemble animals.

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NOTE: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products and statements are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. If you are not familiar with these formulas or concepts please consult a licensed practitioner of Chinese herbal medicine and/or more in-depth reference materials.

Battle Balm® is not recommended for use: on pregnant women; in those that have a heart condition or history of heart conditions; in those with liver disease; on children or those under 18 years of age. Battle Balm® use is also cautioned if one is taking blood-thinning medications.

Allergic reactions may occur if one is allergic to any of the constituents in this product. If one is allergic to aspirin, do not use this product as the Wintergreen contains methyl salicylate. This product contains powerful herbs. If you notice any abnormal skin reaction to Battle Balm®, discontinue use until reaction subsides. Seek professional medical attention if necessary.

For those that like to put things in their mouths, we do not encourage eating Battle Balm® and recommend external use only. Do not use Battle Balm® on open wounds. Needless pain and suffering is possible and likely should you decide to ingest.

The makers of Battle Balm® are not responsible for misuse, abuse, or use of this product outside of recommended applications.