Battle Balm® Grandmaster Battle Fu Tee-Shirt (Women's)


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In the old days, the most dangerous and powerful martial artists would compete against one another in bare knuckle (and bare foot) fighting. Both the winner and the loser would walk away battered and bruised. Many times, it would take months, or years for either combatant to challenge anyone again.

Young Zhàn Dòu Fu (aka Battle Fu) was one of those warriors. As he traveled the land in search of the best fighters in the world, Fu would rest his weary soul at the Shaolin temples scattered across the countryside. It was here, where he learned of the secret healing powers of 'hit wine' or dit da jow herbal medicine from the wise monks.

Battle Fu developed his herbal formula over years of training and combat. As his martial prowess grew, so did his legend. It is said that Fu once used his legs to kick down an entire one day. Another story has it that once Fu became the most incredible fighter in all of the land, he revisited his enemies and healed each one with his superior herbal medicine. He was to have stopped an entire war by felling an army of ten thousand with nothing more than his walking staff. The stories go on to get even more awesome.

Battle Balm is that secret martial arts formula that Zhàn Dòu Fu developed during his travels. The t-shirt you see here commemorates the Grandmaster and is a throwback to the classic Chinese liniments, balms, and other herbal concoctions of the 1900's. The image is of Fu in his prime. If the Grandmaster's face doesn't let you know that Battle Balm is powerful medicine, his fu man chu will!

We have S, M, L, XL, and XXL available. Printed on American Apparel 2102 ringspun cotton tee. This tee is form-fitting, double stitched, & 100% premium quality cotton. And just like our Battle Balm products, the Grandmaster Battle Fu t-shirt is made in the USA!

Comes in Black, Asphalt, Mint, Orange, Gold, & Red. Pick one, or pick them all!

NOTE: This t-shirt gets shipped directly to you from our 3rd party print shop partner and will ship separately from your Battle Balm product purchase.


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