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10 Reasons Why Your Healthcare Practice Should Be Using Battle Balm®

1.  Battle Balm® is made from 100% organic and natural ingredients. Your patients deserve premium quality and Battle Balm®delivers. Our topical pain reliever is free from parabens, phthalates, propylene glycols, sodium laurel sulfates, and artificial ingredients. Battle Balm® is safe for almost every skin type, even sensitive ones. Plus, Battle Balm® is eco-friendly, completely sustainable, and won't harm the environment like the mineral-based and chemically laden products on the market. 

2.  Battle Balm® is specifically formulated for fighting both acute and chronic pain. Our products were designed to be a formidable topical analgesic. We have done two years of formula research and we challenge you to compare us to Tiger BalmTM, Icy HotTM, CryoGelTM, etc. Battle Balm® will knockout the competition!

3.  Battle Balm® relieves pain quickly and effectively. The keys to good pain relief are threefold: increase circulation, address swelling, and promote the body's healing mechanism. Our unique formulation was created by an herbalist/acupuncturist to do just that! We are pain relief specialists and use Battle Balm® during our intense acupuncture treatments, functional rehabilitation techniques, and physical therapy sessions. Our patients heal more quickly between treatments and they see results fast. Plus, they can use Battle Balm® to reduce pain between treatment sessions!

4.  Battle Balm® is for sprains, strains, muscle soreness, joint pain, knots, bruises, welts, scars, and even stress fractures.  Herbs in our formulation have been clinically tested to reduce pain and increase circulation.  The use of our ingredients in Chinese trauma medicine dates back thousands of years. Use Battle Balm®  on chronic arthritic pain as well as on acute post-surgical pain. It just works!

5.  Battle Balm® contains natural anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-microbial agents. The herbs selected for our formula also keep germs and fungus at bay. Battle Balm® has been clinically tested in an independent laboratory per USP 51 standards. 

6.  Battle Balm® is as versatile as a Swiss army knife.  It is much more than a pain reliever. There are 20, yes 20, other uses for our products! Visit here to see the helpful ways to use it! 

7.  Battle Balm® uses a non-greasy transdermal formula that absorbs easily into the skin as well as forms a strong, supple protective layer. Think of is as adding an extra layer of flexible, breathable armor.  Your skin retains its moisture control too!

8.  Battle Balm® nourishes skin. We know that poor skin care can cause serious damage, whether you're inside the ring or outside in the sun. The ingredients of Battle Balm® contain antioxidants, nutrients and lipids to support healthy skin function and encourage cellular repair. It's a natural benefit of using plants in our formulation.

9.  Battle Balm® won't stain clothing or leave any residue. Wash it off skin with just soap and water. Accidentally get Battle Balm®on the linens or on clothing? No problem. It is cleanly laundered out with normal washing. That's the benefit of being all natural and organic. Try that with petroleum based topical analgesics.

10.  Battle Balm® is formulated based on traditional Chinese herbal medicine in the martial arts dit da jow practice passed down for thousands of years. We're proud to be a part of that lineage. We hope you will respect that tradition as much as we do!


We've given you 10 reasons to start using Battle Balm® in your healthcare practice.
Plus, we offer a wholesale program so you can carry our products in your clinic or office.
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