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Andrew "La Maquina" Andras

Guinness World Record Holder and Professional Distance Skateboarder
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Andy Andras Scaling the Wall at Spartan Race

Born in Madrid, Spain in 1976, Andrew Andras currently resides in Miami Beach, Florida with his wife and two daughters. Andy grew up skateboarding in the streets of Madrid, moving at the age of 14, to Tampa, Florida where he continued his love for the sport. Andy joined the US Air Force after graduating high school. While serving in the military he became an avid weight lifter and was introduced to the sport of rugby while stationed in Korea. After completing his military service, he began a career as a firefighter/paramedic back in his home state of Florida. He played several seasons of semi-pro rugby before discovering jiu-jitsu and MMA. Andy enjoyed testing himself at competitive grappling matches and graced the podium many times in local and NAGA tournaments. Throughout all of his endeavors, he consistently nourished his skateboard roots.

He’s often seen on a longboard commuting around Miami Beach. Whether he’s heading to the beach or picking up one of his daughters from school, he’s on his skateboard — it’s a core part of his life.  Recently, Andy discovered the grassroots movement of “push racing” on longboard skateboards. With his athleticism and strong background in skateboarding, Andy exceled in this new sport and found special allure when it came to long distance races.  With his newfound enthusiasm for endurance racing, Andy relishes running 50-mile ultra marathons or completing a 60+ hour Spartan Death Race in the mountains of Vermont.

Andy’s biggest accomplishment came in the 24-hour Ultra-Skate race where, in 2013, he broke the longstanding world record. His current record (261.8 miles in 24 hours on a skateboard) has given Andy the nickname of “La Maquina” (The Machine) — dubbed by his peers for his machine-like pace and perseverance during the Ultra-skate. 

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