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Battle Balm® Team Member - Helen Harper

Helen started boxing back in 2010 in England, however in June 2011 she took to the mats. Jiu Jitsu became an addiction very quickly, and MMA was the natural progression to combine the two arts.
Although currently based in England, Helen has trained and fought Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore Las Vegas and Guam.
Helen's accomplishments include multiple gold medals at various different national and international Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitions; Muay Thai and K1 fights in both Thailand and England; and 5 pro MMA fights.

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Helen Harper News Around the Web

MMA amateur fight, Tiger Muay Thai, Phuket, Thailand. 64kg: Lose via elbow knock out
BJJ Hereford Open (gi), Hereford, England. 64kg: Silver in weight division, Bronze in absolute.
BJJ British Open (gi), Birmingham, England. 58.5kg: Bronze in weight division
BJJ London Open (gi), London, England. 58.5kg: Gold in weight division, Bronze in absolute
BJJ Bangkok Open (no-gi), Bangkok, Thailand. 62kg: Silver in weight division, Bronze in absolute.
BJJ Phuket Open (gi), Phuket, Thailand. Open weight Womens division. Gold.
MMA amateur, Tiger Muay Thai, Phuket, Thailand. 60Kg: Lose via RNC.
BJJ Pan Asians, Manila, Philippines. 58.5kg (gi) bronze.
BJJ Pan Asians, Manila, Philippines. 56.5kg (no-gi) gold, silver in absolute.
MMA pro, Malaysian Fighting Championships (MFC), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 55Kg Win via guillotine
MMA pro, Ultimate Beatdown, Jahor Bahru, Malaysia. 57Kg win via TKO (Ground and pound)
Muay Thai pro, Bangla Stadium, Phuket, Thailand. 57Kg lose via decision
K1 pro, Ultimate Impact Events, Gloucester, England. 55Kg win via split decision
Grapplers Showdown, Southampton, England. Under 55kg (gi) silver, (no-gi) gold
Songkran Scramble, O2 Beach Club, Phuket, Thailand. Under 60kg (no-gi) silver
Muay Thai pro, Bangla Stadium, Phuket, Thailand. 57Kg win via decision
Bournemouth BJJ Open, Bournemouth, England. Open weight blue belt (gi) silver
Surrey Open BJJ, Surrey, England. -63kg (gi) silver, (absolute) silver.
Brighton Open BJJ, Brighton, England. -66kg (gi) silver, (no-gi) silver.
MMA pro, Say Uncle Fight Night, Sheffield, England. 52Kg win via TKO (Ground and pound)
Southend Open BJJ, Southend, England. -58.5kg (gi) silver, (absolute) gold.
Grapplers Showdown, London, England. -55kg (no-gi) gold, (absolute) silver.
MMA pro, PXC, Guam, USA. 52Kg lose via groin shot.
Hereford Open BJJ, Hereford, England. -58.5kg (gi) gold.
Chelmsford Open BJJ, Chelmsford, England. -58.5kg (gi) gold, -56.5kg (no-gi) gold.
DSD Weekend, Bournemouth, England. Open weight (gi) gold, silver, silver. (no-gi) bronze.
Surrey Open BJJ, Guildford, England. -58.5kg (gi) gold.