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Burr Reed (San Leng)

Burr Reed (San Leng)

Burr reed (also called bur-reed, burreed, scirpus, sparganum, sparganium, or grass weed) is found near fresh water in many temperate parts of the world.  There are about 14 species of sparganium existing today.


The traditional use of burr reed was as an internal remedy for abdominal pain, masses, and food stagnation[1].  It is highly prized for its ability to promote circulation by moving blood and dispersing clumps.  In topical dit da jow medicinals, burr reed breaks up blood clots, reducing pain and rehabilitate vascular obstruction[2].  It's been clinically tested to produce anti-thrombotic effects[3] in clinical studies.  Sparganium contains flavonoids that are thought to be the main constituents reducing blood coagulation and enhancing circulation[4].


As an interesting note, burr reed shows promise as a therapeutic agent for inflammatory cardiovascular disease[5] as well as an anti-cancer and anti-tumor medicinal[6].


Battle Balm® uses High Quality Cultivated San Leng as one of its 20 key ingredients.  San leng is just one of the many proven herbal compounds used to promote blood circulation, reduce pain, and facilitate healing so you can bounce back from injury and get off the couch to train!


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