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Camphor Oil (Zhang Nao)

Camphor Oil (Zhang Nao)

Camphor is an extract from the cinnamomum camphora tree, also known as camphorwood or camphor laurel.  The camphor tree is native to China and the plant's wood and leaves are used in the steam distillation process.

Camphor has been used for centuries in China as a topical preparation to treat complaints such as pain in the chest and abdomen, sores, burns, and pruritis (itching).  Other uses include injuries from falls, fractures, contusions, and sprains[1]. Camphor can be taken internally, but extreme caution is recommended in these cases.

Camphor produces an analgesic, pain relieving effect when applied to the skin.  Studies have shown it to have anti-inflammatory[2], antifungal[3], and antimicrobial properties.  Camphor is excellent for local rheumatism, sprains, bruises, and neuralgia (nerve pain)[4].  It has also been used to treat fungal infections of the toenail, warts, cold sores, hemorrhoids, and osteoarthritis[5].

Battle Balm® usesTherapeutic Grade Non-Chemical and Pesticide Free Cultivated White Camphor oil as one of its 20 key ingredients.  Camphor is just one of the many proven herbal compounds used to reduce swelling, manage pain and provide anti-microbial protection against infection.

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