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2014 Gracie Worlds - Las Vegas, NV

September 24, 2014 2 min read

Wow! What an awesome event! The Battle Balm team came out in full force to support Gracie Tournaments jiujitsu competitors and staff over the September 20th and 21st weekend.

Since this was our second booth evenmct in Vegas, we were able to see some familiar faces from the UFC Fan Expo!  Thank you to all of you guys that love and support Battle Balm!  We appreciate you coming by to tell us about it!  We also got to match some real faces to the pictures,names and emails that we've gotten over the past few months!  

We gave away some free stickers, patches, t-shirts, and products to a few lucky folks that stopped by to chat with us!

A huge thanks to the injured people that stopped by to let us treat their post-competition arm bar and guillotine pains. Those that brought over knees, shoulders, and backs also got a dose of the Battle Balm pain relieving treatment! We also got to teach a few competitors about the source of their pain! Some of you guys and gals loved our treatments so much that you (and you know who you are) came to see us three times in two days! Thanks for believing in us!

The Battle Balm team felt right at home and everyone was extremely nice!  Thanks to the guys at Super Bowls Performance Foods for keeping our bellies happy and healthy.  Another big thanks to Miggy and the camera crew at McSportFighter for their kind words and video, which can be seen here! They've dubbed Battle Balm the magic potion for sports injuries and we couldn't agree more!  A huge thanks to Rose Gracie and Tyler Hart at Gracie Tournaments for setting us up at this great event.  We really couldn't have asked for more!  

If you didn't get a chance to see us at Gracie Worlds, we will be following Gracie Tournaments again in the near future! So look for our booth at your next event and when you see the pain reliever with knockout power, come and get your pain punched in the face!


Daryl (left) and I (right) helping a competitor take her ability to the next level!