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Battle Balm and Skateboards? Say What?!

November 24, 2014 2 min read


We here at Battle Balm® love sports! Lots of sports! And skateboarding is one of them! Our sponsored athlete, Andrew Andras, of Guinness World Record fame, pushes his board in sunny San Diego, California this weekend at the Adrenalina Skateboard Marathon

If you're interested in competing, sign up ASAP! If you don't have a longboard, grab one at the Adrenalina Longboard Specialty Shop in town. But if you just want to watch, stop on by and enjoy the beautiful San Diego coastline while the skaters whizz past!

The marathon is, well, a marathon! 26.2 miles of pushing around one of the coolest parts of the SoCal coast, Fiesta Island. 

This year, the Adrenalina Skateboard Marathon is supporting Summit4StemCell, an organization funding non-stem cell research to further the fight against Parkinson's disease. Battle Balm is happy to be a part of this charitable event!

So, you may be wondering what Battle Balm® can do for skateboarders. Well, our product is not just for fighters. Battle Balm® is for athletes!

1)  First and foremost, Battle Balm® is a pain reliever. Skaters can get back pain, knee, foot, or ankle pain from the repetitive motion of kicking their leg to propel themselves forward. Battle Balm can help ease the pain after a long ride.

2)  Delayed onset muscle soreness, or DOMS, affects a lot of endurance athletes. Battle Balm® can help skateboarders recover faster after long training days on the board.

3)  Battle Balm® can assist during warmups. We'll bet money that the pre-dawn race morning will be chilly. To get the body warmed up quickly and safely, a pushboarder can rub Battle Balm into the colder body parts during stretching and race prepping. Battle Balm® will kick in and get your blood circulating!

And these are only 3 of the ways that Battle Balm® can help the Adrenalina athletes get ready to race! We're sure that Andrew has some other secret uses for Battle Balm® up his sleeve! So if you see him on race day, just ask!


See you Sunday, November 30th, 2014!


For longboarders, friends, families, and distant second cousins of race participants, we're offering a discount code during the race weekend for you guys!

Use coupon code: Adrenalina_Fiesta_2014 at checkout between midnight on Friday, November 28th and midnight on Monday, December 1. You'll get 30% off your purchase!