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Education is very important to us. We feel that the future of medicine is in the hands of the students who will take our understanding of the human body and its healing mechanisms further.

In the tradition of supporting the traditional Chinese medicine roots of the Battle Balm product line, we decided to hold our very first essay contest in a well-known American school of acupuncture and TCM. The grand prize of $500 was given to the best essay on pain management and natural treatment options. One grand prize winner and 2 honorable mentions were selected from a list of entrants from all 3 of Pacific College of Oriental Medicine campuses.

Congratulations to the winning essay by Lindsay Williamson (PCOM-SD) on:

Topical Herbal Applications: Part of an Integrated Solution to the Opioid Epidemic

The article was very much on topic as the opioid epidemic has been in the news as of late with the issue being that opioids are doing much harm in the community and affecting so many people in negative ways.

The search for a good alternative can be daunting. Our Battle Balm offers one method to effectively manage pain, and we believe it is a good one. With an all natural plant-based list of ingredients, Battle Balm can be trusted to provide fast-acting pain relief that is safe, effective, and natural.

Also, a big congratulations to our 2 honorable mentions: Kathlene Emond (PCOM-NY) and Zahava Berkowicz (PCOM-CH).

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