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  • 2 min read

    I started Battle Balm with a passion for helping others. Behind that passion was my insistence on doing things right, being honest, and acting with integrity while delivering the best product and service in the topical analgesic industry.

    In the beginning, we marketed our product as a “kick ass” pain reliever and steered it towards people who pummel others’ bodies for a living. Battle Balm had roots in the fight world, so it was a sensible choice to make our introduction to this demographic. We couldn’t come across as “soft” to the fight community. We were sure they wouldn’t listen to that. So, our edgy and bold marketing tactics were fiercely deliberate. We introduced ourselves by figuratively screaming into industry ears that Battle Balm was “The pain reliever with knockout power!”, a slogan that continues to be part of our brand trademark.

    We’re a bit more mature now and ready to show a different side of Battle Balm. It is a face of Battle Balm that resonates strongly with me personally, but also represents the larger brand image. The word “Battle” in Battle Balm is about struggle. However, this struggle is less about separating the good guys from the bad guys and much more about finding the strength in oneself to battle for a better world. It’s about battling the demons that hold us back as individuals and keep us from doing better for ourselves and for others. It is about battling our doubts and fears that limit us physically and mentally. The wise ones can attest that the biggest battle is not in front of you, but inside of you. I truly believe that.

    Battle For Equality T-shirt

    We’ve designed a new t-shirt and sticker to express our values both as people and as an industry-leading brand. It’s quite different from the other apparel we carry on our website. In fact, there’s no mention of our brand beyond a small logo. Why? Because this is about something greater than our company. It’s about the fight for equality and fundamental human rights that we, at Battle Balm, believe everyone should be entitled to. Everyone.

    The goal of our campaign is to shed light on this bigger battle, the battle to defeat our own ignorance and fear. This is more than a cause, it is a movement. We will be including a free Battle for Equality sticker with the purchase of all Battle Balm products. We will also be selling Battle for Equality t-shirts and larger size stickers at our online store with a portion of the proceeds going to charitable organizations known to fight for equality and human rights. Help Battle Balm give back and continue to represent the goodness of the human spirit.

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