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  • 3 min read

    We've grown out of our diapers. Battle Balm is no longer a startup company. We survived what I believe to be the most difficult part of the product life cycle, proving that a market exists for us. Now that we are viable, it's time to grow the product and the brand. But in order to grow, we need to reach out to people who haven't yet heard of Battle Balm. (Yes, billions of people out there have never heard of us. Billions.)

    The best way for a small business like ours to reach out these days is through social media. It's definitely not what it used to be and it is still morphing into something we can't yet predict. Social media advertising is its own industry now, with big corporations and influencers mutually benefitting one another's brand, with loads of marketing cash exchanging hands as well. The idea of being able to send the Battle Balm brand to someone's fingertips through a mobile device is remarkable. We can reach practically anyone with technology. Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, Twitter, Pinterest, and probably 20 others I haven't heard of, are accessible marketing platforms for us as we expand.

    We have no choice but to join the fray. Social media is a heavyweight in the game. To keep from being part of the noise, we need to bring something deserving to play in the symphony. Visibility is what we want and in this crowded ad-filled world, capturing the eyes and ears of the public is difficult at best. The Battle Balm social media campaigns are beginning to add followers and will continue to grow, but I wanted to explore another side to the brand, one that speaks from the core.

    Battle Balm is an expression of a vision, my vision. But, what if I was to let people see inside that vision? What if followers could connect on a deeper level to us and see what actually drives the Battle Balm brand? In my think tank, otherwise known as my shower, I came up with an idea...

    I would start an Instagram page! It will be about Battle Balm, but from the CEO perspective. My IG page will allow me to show our fans what we are doing and how we are crushing it or on the flip side, how we are losing it. I'm new to IG and I'm not a selfie kind of person, but being the person behind the brand, there's no one more passionate than me representing our company.  I'm putting my face and my ideas in front of the camera.

    There's a lot to running a business and I'm passionate about making our brand memorable, fun, exciting, and most of all inspiring. I want to inject some insight and relevance into the web while learning how to communicate more effectively with our fanbase. I'm a CEO. I'm hungry to learn and willing to grind this out and battle for what I believe can be great.

    Battle Balm was never about me. I am just a catalyst. Battle Balm is a vehicle to bring us together and propel us forward with the best intentions of ourselves. If there's anything worth doing, it is worth doing well. I know that Battle Balm can't do well without you, so we'd like to take you along for the ride.

    Follow me on my new Instagram page, feed, or whatever it's called: @EatSleepBattle


    So I hear the 'pound' sign goes by the nickname 'hashtag' these days...boy, have things changed!


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