Battle Balm is Much More Than a Pain Reliever...

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On November 29th, 2013, Jessica Zomcik and Shannon Reid headed into their TuffNuff featherweight title bout.  Jessica controlled the fight with her punching prowess and came out victorious with a TKO in 1:11 of Round 2.  She suffered some amount of damage to her left hand.  But, luckily, the hand wasn't broken.  

Jessica snapped off a picture of the swollen hand and posted it on Twitter.  We thought it would be a good idea for Jessica to put some Battle Balm on the hand to help the healing process.  See the pictures for yourself and be the judge.  Compare the swelling, bruising, and discoloration patterns. (Note:  We did not modify or enhance any of the pictures below.  This is straight from Jessica's iPhone.  All we did was upload them for you!)


Here's the story straight from Jessica:

"Let me give my own testimonial of how Battle Balm is great for everyday use. Proof is in the pudding.  These pictures were taken about 20 hours apart. After my title fight, I had a huge contusion on my left hand that was painful and black. I rubbed Battle Balm into the injury and then the next morning was surprised at what I saw and felt. The pictures show you how Battle Balm helped heal the injured area.  The coloration had decreased and my joints were more flexible. 

Not only does Battle Balm help in serious injury, but it also works to help warm you up for training. I like to rub Battle Balm on my quads, calves, shoulders, delts and forearms before I start my MMA training. After only one or two rounds of my warmup, my body feels like it's been going for 45 minutes and is ready to start the more intense part of my workout. 

I always carry it in my purse and use it where ever my body aches. Definitely pick some up today for yourself or a loved one!"


What's your Battle Balm story?  We'd love to hear it (and see it), too!

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