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Does Battle Balm have an Herbal Smell?

December 05, 2013 2 min read

We get this question a lot from customers.  In order to clear the air, so to speak, we're going to break down the awesome scent of Battle Balm in Master-Grasshopper fashion...and answer a few other questions along the way.

Grasshopper - Courtesy of Kung Fu TV Series


Grasshopper:  Master, Why is Battle Balm® so effective for treating my aches and pains?
Master:  Young grasshopper, Battle Balm® is created from energy of the sun, the sky, and the earth.  Plants harness all that natural energy and turn it into powerful medicine that you and I benefit from.  The makers of Battle Balm® have studied the ancient medicinal texts and uncovered specific herbs to naturally fight pain and bring you the healing relief you seek.


Grasshopper:  Master, does Battle Balm® have a characteristic smell?
Master:  Grasshopper, examining the complex scent of Battle Balm® is akin to discovering the instruments in an orchestra.  Battle Balm® contains overtones of menthol and wintergreen, with a mild hint of camphor.  A faint amber earthiness arises from frankincense and myrrh.  Other, more delicate undertones may come out when you pay closer attention.


Grasshopper:  Master, why does Battle Balm® smell herbal?
Master:  Little one, why does a rose smell like a rose?  Nature's creations only know how to be one thing...and that is as nature intended.  Battle Balm® knows no scent other than that of blended natural medicinal herbs.


Grasshopper:  Master, will I like the smell of Battle Balm®?
Master:  If your foot is on fire, would you concern yourself with the smoke?  If pain is your enemy, why trifle with unimportance?  If the smell of Battle Balm® is your concern, then your enemy isn't your pain.  It is yourself. 


Grasshopper:  Master, how long does the Battle Balm® scent last?
Master:  The aroma of Battle Balm® lasts about 20-30 minutes.  After which the smell wanders off...taking your pain away with it.


Master:  Young grasshopper, this is enough talk for today.  Get back to your training!