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  • 2 min read

    Let's do a one to one comparison of the base ingredients of two very popular topical pain relievers.  (A base is what holds, or carries the active ingredients of a topically applied product onto the skin, and is usually not considered to as important.)  The first is ours, Battle Balm®, and the main base ingredient used in our formula is 100% organic jojoba oil.  The second (bearing a name of a striped animal) Balm uses paraffin petrolatum as its main base ingredient.  We think that using a quality base ingredient for topical use is as important as the active ingredients.  We'll show you just how much effort and thought we put into making Battle Balm® the best pain reliever on the market.


    Battle Balm® organic jojoba oil vs. (fill in name here) Balm paraffin petrolatum.


    Benefits of Battle Balm® organic jojoba:

    Emolient - Moisturizes skin because of its similarity to human sebum.  Benefit to fighter?  Less chance of skin cracking or damage due to dryness.

    Acne Treatment and Prevention - Acne eruptions on the skin weaken it.  Typically, there is redness and inflammation as well.  Jojoba oil unclogs pores and reduces inflammation.  Benefit to fighter?  Less acne equals more healthy, intact skin.

    Anti-inflammatory - Jojoba is a natural anti-inflammatory.  Didn't I say that already?  Clinical tests have proven it to reduce edema, lower granulation tissue formation, and reduce neutrophil infiltration in laboratory rats[1].  Myristic acid is the isolated compound responsible for the anti-inflammatory properties.  Benefit to fighter?  Treat any inflammation and/or edema to reduce swelling quickly and facilitate healing.

    Anti-bacterial - Native Americans used jojoba oil to prevent skin infection and treat wounds.  Smart too, because jojoba contains a high amount of iodine, a very commonly known anti-bacterial compound.  Benefit to fighter?  Rolling around on the ground can attract a lot more attention from bacteria than you'd think.  Give yourself added protection against infection.

    Wound healing - Another clinical study found jojoba oil to "notably accelerate the wound closure of both keratinocytes and fibroblasts."[2].  Benefit to fighter?  It's pretty obvious, isn't it?  

    Skin Nutrients - HPLC analysis shows that jojoba is full of wax esters, tocopherols (Vitamin E), and fatty acids.  That's all good for your skin health.  Benefit to fighter?  Healthy skin provides excellent protection against scrapes, cuts, and bruising.



    Benefits of the other brand balm paraffin petrolatum:

    Um...uh...it can be a waterproof barrier for your skin?


    We believe that Battle Balm® is the best topical pain reliever on the market for athletes participating in contact sports.  Here, we've only shown you one ingredient.  And we've got 19 more that will blow your mind.  

    Even if you're not a top-level athlete, you can still benefit from Battle Balm®. Our products are made to fight pain, no matter what the source.  So when you're ready to punch your pain in the face, come find us.  We can help.

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