Battle Balm® vs. Tiger Balm

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Here's a quick comparison of our Battle Balm® versions versus the current ones offered by Tiger BalmTM.


Battle Balm® Original Strength Tiger BalmTM Regular     
9% Menthol 8% Menthol     
5% Camphor 11% Camphor     
7% Wintergreen -     
5% Cajeput -     


Battle Balm®  Extra Strength Tiger BalmTM Extra     
12% Menthol 10% Menthol     
  7% Camphor 11% Camphor     
  9% Wintergreen -     
  5% Cajeput -     


Battle Balm®  Demon Strength Tiger BalmTM Ultra     
16% Menthol 11% Menthol
11% Camphor 11% Camphor
15% Wintergreen -
  7% Cajeput -

 *Information on Tiger BalmTM was retrieved directly from their website

In addition to the above ingredients, Battle Balm® contains 16 other powerful herbal ingredients that are proven to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, assist in cellular repair, prevent oxidative damage to skin, nourish epidermal layer, and treat minor bacterial and fungal infection.

Battle Balm® is a powerful ally against pain from injury, trauma, and overuse.  Use it for arthritis (rheumatism), back pain (lumbago), muscle strains, spasms, tendonitis, etc.  For all your pain related needs, choose the best topical analgesic on the market.  Battle Balm® is made with 100% organic and natural ingredients!  When you're ready for the best, we're here to take your order!


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