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  • 3 min read

    Table of Contents

    Battle Balm Demon Strength vs Tiger Balm Ultra Comparison Chart


    Welcome to the Battle Balm® Versus series. As the pain reliever with knockout power, we compare our brand to the competition. We have spent years perfecting our flagship topical analgesic formula and we know Battle Balm is the stuff of legends. We are leaders in the industry and we will show you what we believe makes our all-natural & organic topical pain relief cream the best in the business.

    The Matchup: Battle Balm Demon Strength vs Tiger Balm Sports Ultra Strength

    Battle Balm Demon Strength formula is the strongest over-the-counter topical pain cream we offer. To compare fairly, Tiger Balm Sports Ultra Strength is the strongest Tiger Balm version that they offer. Let's start the product comparison battle!

    The Sheer # of Ingredients

    Battle Balm®  - Tiger BalmTM

    Battle Balm Demon Strength contains 20 herbal ingredients. Tiger Balm Ultra Strength contains 7 ingredients, one of which is not plant-based, paraffin petrolatum.

    Packed with Soothing Menthol

    Battle Balm®  - Tiger BalmTM

    Battle Balm Demon Strength contains 15% menthol. Tiger Balm Ultra Strength contains 11%. Ours is classically distilled from plants in the mentha family. Theirs is created synthetically.

    We've Got Arnica!

    Battle Balm®  - Tiger BalmTM

    Battle Balm Demon Strength contains arnica montana, a well-known herb used topically for bruises, joint pain, arthritis, insect bites, broken bones, sprains, and more. Tiger Balm Ultra Strength does NOT contain arnica.


    Battle Balm®  - Tiger BalmTM

     Battle Balm Demon Strength is a non-comedogenic formula, which is a fancy way of saying that it will not clog pores. Our all-natural formulation uses beeswax and jojoba oil to keep skin pores open and working as they should. Tiger Balm Ultra Strength uses petroleum as the carrier ingredient. Paraffin petrolatum, petroleum jelly, or whatever you wish to call it, can clog pores and should not be used on sensitive skin.

    Chock Full of Vitamins, Minerals & More!

    Battle Balm®  - Tiger BalmTM

    When the body is injured, we believe that you should give it what it needs to heal. Battle Balm contains vitamin E, essential fatty acids, and antioxidants that help the body repair itself from pain and injury. On top of that, these compounds are easily absorbed into the skin. We can guarantee that Tiger Balm doesn't even come close.

    Earth Friendly

    Battle Balm®  - Tiger BalmTM

    Our goal was to create an all natural and organic topical pain relief cream that would use renewable resources and be 100% sustainable. We have carefully pondered the entire product life cycle. When you wash Battle Balm from your skin and clothing with just soap and water, the remnants will biodegrade and go back into the earth for the next cycle to begin. Tiger Balm is made with ingredients that cannot be renewed, such as paraffin petrolatum. If you want to learn more, read 5 REASONS WHY PARAFFIN PETROLATUM IS NOT USED IN BATTLE BALM


     If you've gotten this far, you can understand why we're so crazy about Battle Balm. We will stand up against every topical pain relief cream out there. We are not a Tiger Balm alternative, we are the most effective, healthy, sustainable, performance topical pain relief cream in the world.

    Superior products come from superior ingredients and we use the highest quality plants we can find. Just look at what we're made of. Then, compare us to the competition. When you are ready for a legendary pain fighting formula, we will be here.

    Buy Battle Balm Now!

     *Information on Tiger BalmTM was retrieved directly from the manufacturer website 

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