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  • 4 min read

    Table of Contents


     The CDC estimates that about 4 million adults (~2% of the adult population) suffer from fibromyalgia syndrome.(1) The cause of fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS) is still unknown, but it's an illness with chronic pain due to a dysfunction of the central nervous system. Although there is no cure, FMS is best treated with a comprehensive, multi-pronged approach and a long-term pain management perspective. We believe that part of the natural remedies for fibromyalgia pain is the use of an all-natural topical pain cream like Battle Balm.  It should be on your short list for natural remedies for FMS. Read on to find out why we think Battle Balm is the best topical to use for fibromyalgia pain.


    What is Fibromyalgia?

    Fibromyalgia is signified by chronic pain and tenderness in multiple areas of the body, or over the entire body completely. The central nervous system is heavily involved in FMS and stress modulates much of the pain. Some of the signs are fatigue, poor sleep, brain fog, increased touch sensitivity (allodynia), and of course, widespread pain. These symptoms can range from mild to extremely disabling. The weather can even play a role in triggering an FMS flare up. Statistics show that fibromyalgia usually develops between the ages of 25 and 55 with women being affected more than men.


    The 5 Reasons Battle Balm Should Be Your Fibromyalgia Pain Relief Cream

     There are many natural tools for easing the pain from fibromyalgia. Battle Balm fits right in to a healthy, balanced lifestyle for managing FMS. If you are looking for the best alternative medicine for fibromyalgia pain in a rub, look no further. Here's why Battle Balm should be your favorite fibromyalgia pain cream.

    1. Battle Balm is your all natural fibromyalgia cream.

      It's all natural and organic, but why is that important? In fibromyalgia, the pain mechanism is malfunctioning. The body is more easily triggered and the pain threshold is lower. By using clean, natural products like Battle Balm, your body recognizes the ingredients and your immune system stays calm. 

    2. Battle Balm has the vitamin D that fibromyalgia sufferers need.

      Which vitamin is good for fibromyalgia? Vitamin D, of course!(2) Research has shown that FMS sufferers typically have lower than average vitamin D serum levels. There has been correlation between low D and autoimmune diseases as well. Battle Balm contains naturally occurring vitamin D in the formulation, as well as vitamin A and vitamin E. Why not use a pain reliever that battles your fibromyalgia the right way?

    3. Menthol soothes sensitive fibromyalgia pain receptors.

       Nerve pain, or allodynia, is a characteristic component of fibromyalgia. Menthol is one of the natural ingredients in Battle Balm to soothe the pain receptors. Note that most menthol you will find in the analgesic industry is lab-created. At Battle Balm, we use only plant-based, organic steam-distilled menthol. If you're looking for serious pain relief, try our Battle Balm Demon Strength, which contains the highest level of menthol available for over-the-counter topical pain creams.

    4. Omega-3 reduces pain sensitivity of fibromyalgia.

      Let's start with the fact that Battle Balm naturally contains omega-3, omega-6, and omega-9 essential fatty acids. Do you know that omega-3 has been shown to lower the number of tender points in FMS as well as decrease the intensity of fibromyalgia pain?(3) Rest assured that we are trying to battle pain from every angle!

    5. Arnica Montana to the rescue!

      Not only for swelling and bruising, arnica has also been used in homeopathy(4) for natural relief for fibromyalgia. Arnica montana is in Battle Balm for it's anti-inflammatory properties as well as it's powerful pain fighting abilities. Some celebrities have even found great success in using arnica for FMS!(5) Battle Balm is your new homeopathic fibro cream.


    Other Benefits of Using a Fibromyalgia Pain Cream

    Using Battle Balm as your go-to fibromyalgia pain cream comes with a host of other benefits. With Battle Balm, you can specifically target the spots that are very tender and painful. You also won't get the systemic issues, potential gut problems, or side effects that come with many oral medications. If you are already taking oral medications, using a natural topical analgesic such as Battle Balm will most likely not interact with your meds. (But, always consult your primary care physician before adding topicals to your pain management plan!) 


    Other Natural Remedies to Use with Battle Balm For Fibromyalgia

     Once your doctor has approved adding Battle Balm to your fibromyalgia pain management system, you can start combining Battle Balm with some of your other natural remedies. For example, you can apply Battle Balm before you begin your physical exercise routine. It can help raise the pain threshold and allow you to work harder with less pain. This goes for your yoga or stretching routine. Use Battle Balm during your stretch session to relax muscles and extend the range of motion in your joints. 



    Battle Balm is the cleanest, greenest, most natural topical pain relief cream on the market today. We've created a superior topical pain cream because we designed it that way! We focus on healthy products and stand by our quality. As part of a complete natural pain management program, we believe that Battle Balm is unmatched in treating chronic pain with a fibromyalgia pain cream. If you have questions, feel free to reach out. Otherwise...


    Buy Battle Balm Now!


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