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  • 3 min read


    If you are a martial artist, chances are that you have heard of dit da jow. Dit da jow is a traditional Chinese herbal liniment or tonic used externally to treat physical injury and trauma to the body. DDJ has been around since herbal medicine was in its infancy. Since then, formulas have become more targeted and you can now find jows that are specifically crafted for tendon/ligament injury, muscular injury, or even bone fractures.

    In general, dit da jow is used to alleviate pain, reduce inflammation, promote healing, and strengthen the bones and soft tissue. The traditional liniment is made by steeping a combination of herbs, roots, and other ingredients in an alcohol base, creating a potent solution that is rubbed onto the affected area. It is applied topically to enhance blood circulation, relieve bruises, sprains, and other injuries, and aid in the recovery process.


    The Problems with Traditional Dit Da Jow

    Dit da jow preparation hasn't changed much over the centuries. A careful selection of herbs (and sometimes, animal parts) are soaked in an alcohol filled container for months, and sometimes years. Occasionally shaken, the liniment in the container increases in potency with time. Some jows will cure for years before being opened for use. The traditional method and application of dit da jow is still being used today, but we believe that there is room for improvement. In fact, Battle Balm was born out of our desire to modernize the age-old hit fall wine liniment.


    5 Reasons Battle Balm is the Legendary Dit Da Jow For the Modern Era

    • Liniments are ok, but balms are better.
      Battle Balm is in a balm format. This delivery system is very portable. Just toss a tin or stick into your pocket, purse, or workout bag. Plus, Battle Balm is easy to handle. Application of our balm can be easily confined to the target area without worrying about spillage or drips. Absorption is as simple as letting your skin do its thing. You don't have to sit and wait for a balm to dry on the skin as you would for a liniment. With a balm, you just apply it and go!
    • Battle Balm is built for sportswear and modern fabrics.
      Nowadays, we have all sorts of incredible fabric materials to help us move better and stay comfortable. Some of these fabrics need special care and attention when cleaning. Battle Balm is very washing machine friendly to athletic clothing and sports gear. Since we don't use any artificial colors or ingredients, a normal wash will usually get your apparel looking pristine again!
    • Battle Balm uses world renowned herbs.
      In the old days, you were limited to whatever plants you had locally. Now, it is possible to source herbs from practically anywhere around the world. Since we know what we are looking for, we scour the planet for the highest quality plants we can find. It should be no surprise that this is how we produce the cleanest, highest quality pain relief balm in the world.
    • You don't have to wait years for a potent dit da jow formula!
      Battle Balm is based on traditional herbs, but with modern equipment and extraction techniques, we can access the active compounds in our herbs without having to wait years for them to be pulled into solution.
    • Battle Balm will strengthen skin.
      The problem with striking things is that your skin gets damaged. Rubbing alcohol based liniments will dry out skin and make it prone to cracking. We know this, which is why our balm contains ingredients that keep skin moisturized and strong. We even included vitamin e, fatty acids and minerals to help your skin heal after punching that stone for hours. If this isn't one of the best reasons to switch to Battle Balm, we don't know what is.



    It's important to understand that herbal medicine has come a long way. At Battle Balm, we believe in tradition, but we also believe in progress. With the advent of modern technology combined with the additional knowledge of scientific testing, dit da jow in the 21st century should be more refined, more potent, and more legendary than those jows before it. We encourage you to think about dit da jow in a different way with a new perspective. That is what we tried to do with Battle Balm. We encourage you to try Battle Balm today and see what the future of ancient dit da jow holds!


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