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  • 4 min read

    Battle Balm Provides Fast Pain Relief for Migraine Sufferers

    Migraines are complex beasts that can take shape in various forms for each individual. Certain triggers can bring about a migraine quickly and cause one to spiral into a painful episode once the threshold is crossed. Since every person has different contributing factors and body responses to migraines, we’ll touch on a few of the more common techniques for preemptively reducing the chances of a full blown attack. We believe that Battle Balm is the best balm for headache and migraine headaches relief.


    The human immune system is already overworked in today’s civilized environment. It is obvious that increasing numbers of people are suffering from sensitivities to food and skincare products, not to mention other things like man-made clothing materials, cleaners, etc. With plastics, pesticides, and other toxic chemicals in our groundwater and soil, it’s a miracle that our immune defenses don’t completely give up the battle.

    Some migraine sufferers can trigger an immune response just by touching an artificial compound. Knowing that the skin can be a highly sensitive organ for certain people, we designed Battle Balm to be 100% all-natural. Our product is entirely plant-based and we use over 95% USDA-certified organic ingredients (by weight). We have painstakingly selected our growers and sources to those who are ecologically conscious so that we can provide you with a product that has a significantly reduced toxic load and is, therefore, as natural as you can get!


    Another contributing factor to migraines are smells. Naturally scented products are generally less of a trigger than a man-made one. Some olfactory migraine triggers are due to an artificial fragrance and this can invoke an attack within minutes.

    Battle Balm is made entirely from plants. We do not add any additional fragrances, or chemically remove the scent from our products. Sure, there is a smell that is consistent with the concentration of the flowers and plants in our formulation, but these volatile oils interact with the olfactory nerves in a way that closely resembles what you find in the natural world.

    NOTE: Labels marked with the word “fragrance” or “perfume” in the ingredients list are usually artificially created. Reducing your interaction with these artificial odors will reduce the chances for this type of trigger.

    “I have struggled with migraines for over 20 years. In that time, I have tried pharmaceutical drugs and injections, massage, acupuncture, and all other manner of treatments and preventions. Some have had temporary success, but often times the side effects are unbearable. The very first time using Battle Balm, I knew I had found a missing ingredient in my battle against migraines. It has helped both in preventing AND treating my migraines, I absolutely cannot imagine dealing with this disorder without having Battle Balm in my life! — Barbara P.


    We are currently facing an opioid crisis in America. There are many more people regularly abusing opiates and other pain medications. Addiction to these strong pain killing drugs is due to their similar mechanism of action to heroin and morphine. Their heavy toll on the body organ systems is documented. Migraine sufferers need relief from a good, strong analgesic, but without the potentially deadly side effects of highly addictive pharmaceuticals.

    Battle Balm is a topical analgesic made for strong pain relief. It’s based upon thousands of years of empirical evidence and the clinical data backs up the key ingredients we use in our formula. Whereas, a painkiller or pill works on the body’s pain mechanisms systemically, a topical pain relief balm works exactly where you need it. This means that you can use less of it, there’s less impact on your liver to process it, and it will work faster than something that needs the aid of your digestive system.


     Recently, cannabidiol has come into the market as a very new method for treating pain. It is even being considered as an alternative to opioids without the harmful characteristic side effects. Plus, CBD is non-addictive and non-psychoactive. Research is still being done, but CBD seems to have a promising future and can relieve many of the hard-to-treat conditions of the body in addition to providing powerful pain relief. CBD does this by engaging the receptors of the endocannabinoid system of the body in ways that many other medications cannot.

    Battle Balm is currently in the forefront of research and testing of cannabinoids for pain relief. We are focused on delivering the best of the current cannabis plant extracts and compounds to the pain management industry. More about Battle Balm CBD can be found at: Battle Balm CBD.


    These three (plus one) reasons are why Battle Balm is the best all-natural pain relief cream for migraine sufferers. If you are looking for a clean, natural, headache balm that is better than the homemade DIY headache balm recipe you already have, we have you covered! There are many OTC headache creams and headache ointments on the market today, but none are as effective and powerful as ours! If you have other reasons why you love Battle Balm, please let us know! We want to help you live the best version of yourself. Be Legendary. Battle Balm.

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